Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweet dreams

After a long day working, I came home to a front room full of underwear, and shoes.
Alabama had been busy decorating my place while I had been gone.
I made some pasta that was seriously... amazing.
Im pretty sure its my favorite food, or quickly becoming my favorite food.

I took Alabama on a walk in the dark. The air smelled sweet, like a cool summer's night, and the breeze was blowing, and flowing and running through my body.
The sky was on fire with orange clouds against the black night.
The only sound I heard was the freeway from across the way, a solid sound of running engines and air being pushed around.

You ever have those moments that you wish could last forever?
I was afraid to stay out for long, fearing that the moment would pass.
Or that the rough silence would be interrupted by a honk, or a barking dog.
Taking deep breaths never felt more full, and the sweetness of the spring was as if I had been laying in a bed of blossoms.

With nights like this, its no wonder dreams can be so sweet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sooooo.... 3 years ago I opened an Etsy account to try to sell some of my homemade goodies, but I never did it... In January I started using it, and selling mostly vintage stuff. I love going to estate sales or thirfting and treasure hunting for unique vintage goodies.

Please check it out!


Since I have graduated, I went straight back to school...
I am taking a sculpture class, and a ceramics class, I am so in love with doing both.
I am also beginning to take photos of all of my work to start building a legit portfolio for myself.
I will post more photos as I start using this blog more often, and please feel free to look at my facebook, there are a lot more photos on there!!

I love this little teal mug, it has a vintage look.

there is a good story behind this dino-I promise.

Home Coming.

On Sunday I went to my home town, a sleepy little place in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's.
On the drive I was in such a state of bliss, the sky was intensely blue, and the hills were covered with the most perfect-almost manufactured-green grass. Alabama loved every second of it-the windows were all down and we were blaring Ryan Bingham. When we got home, my mom was walking down the street, and it was the sweetest home coming a girl could ever ask for.
When I was home, the house and all of the trees were almost crawling with a huge population of fuzzy fury caterpillars.
I was loving it!
It was so amazing to see so much life, even if it was so small.

I have been gone from my blog, for way too long.
I have been busy......
with boredom.

I have been getting into some new things... I moved some stuff around in my place, and have been collecting projects like a bee collects honey. I have been picking up so much furniture! I love restoring!! Its so fun! I will post some photos soon...

I am doing restorations... I am doing vintage treasure hunting... and I am loving diving into ceramics more and more.