Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Sometimes when I get home from work I make a fresh cup of coffee, and re-do the start to my day. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

#29. Help Someone

Today I am able to cross number 29 off of my summer to-do list. 
Help Someone. 

This morning, I met with a friend for our weekly coffee date. Normally we talk about everything under the sun for about 4 hours, and today started out no differently. 
A couple of women walked by with the most adorable little baby pup, and of course, I couldn't resist myself. I started in with the baby voice, going nuts, and playing with him, when I hear,
"Isn't he cute?! Do you want to take him home?"
Of course this was strange to me, I looked up to speak with the woman standing over me who proceeds to tell me her story. 
"My daughter was waiting for me in the parking lot last night, when an SUV pulled over in front of her, dumped out a dog, and drove away.  I can't keep him, and I need some help."
With out even thinking I said that I would foster, and find a home for him.
As we were standing there talking, he was running around and giving everyone kisses and sweet puppy love. 
I picked him up and was asking around the coffee shop if anyone would be interested in adopting him. 
A woman from inside the shop must have seen me, practically ran outside, and before I could turn around, she squealed "we'll take him!!"
After a few handshakes, Astar, and her Husband, Bob sat down and told us their story. 
Astar was going to be moving out of town, while Bob stayed back to tie up some loose ends.
She was going to be taking 'the boys' (their two dogs) with her, and leaving Bob alone.
They had just decided that they wanted to get a third dog.
Can you say perfect timing?! 
Anyway, it was an amazing little story, and I am so excited for this little guy, he is going to have a great life with these people. 

Not sure what he is, Bob said '100%  pure bred mut.'

Bob was totally in love.
 Astar went around the corner to call the pound to insure no one was searching for him, when she told us, Bob snapped, 'No! Finders-Keepers!'
It was very sweet!

Since we were at Peet's coffee, I thought he should be called Pete. 

Pete Espresso Forte. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer TO DO

So! I don't know about you, but am a huge list maker.  I get way too distracted to remember everything I want to do, and even a little overwhelmed when I think of it all. Grocery lists, to do lists, bill lists, list lists(well not really, but you get the idea).  I decided to make a list of things I wanted to do before the summer was over to insure that everything gets checked off. Most of these are really simple ideas, and goals, that are classic summer activities, but things I haven't done in years, like going to the beach, going camping, and going on roller coasters! While others are a little more intense, like losing 20 pounds, running more, and having a crafts fair booth.  But there are 35 things that I really want to do, and I feel like if I post it to the blogospere than I  have to keep up with it!  I want to be able to look back on this summer,  and realize that it didn't go to waste. 

What are your goals, or ideas that you have for the summer?? Are you making lists too?

Summer Time Terrier Tuesday!

I realize that I have missed about 1,000 Terrier Tuesdays, but Alabama and I are back.
And better than ever.
I thought I would overwhelm you with cuteness, and black and white puppy love. 
My aunt/uncle have border collies, and although Alabama might be 1/4 there size, 
She is convinced that she is one in the same. 
She grew up around these babies, and one of them is like her honorary Momma. 
She always gives her the ball, and protects her if another dog gets too rough. 
Alabama has these girls wrapped around her little paw.  
It's way too cute, always like a family reunion when we come around. 

Family photo 

... waiting to make the first move. 

Determined to get this extra large ball into her mouth. 

blissful pup 

This is one of my favorite photo's that I have ever taken of her. 

What are you doing for Terrier Tuesday?
Make sure to grab my button to the top left, and to love your furry love a little extra today!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Plans.

I was just sitting here trying to fill out job applications, and I thought, hmmm. I would much rather be blogging right now. I am aware that this counter-productive, but this is so much more pleasant, don't you think?

It has come to the point where I desperately need a new job. 
Between the awful hours, and minimal hours I am actually receiving, it's beyond time for a replacement. 
I know this is probably pretty standard, but I really hate applying for new jobs. 
Don't get me wrong, the idea of starting somewhere new is very exciting for me! 
But the process kills! 
The idea of selling your self seems very foreign to me, and I really just wish my work would speak for itself. 
I am really no good at talking about myself, so all of these cover letters are torturous! 
My ideal cover letter would read:  

"Hello, my name is Kelsey, and I would be perfect for this position. Please don't waste either of our time by reading anyone else's applications, or letters. Let's face it, I am the best.  I look forward to my future employment with your company."

The whole idea of sending out applications seems very monotonous when you just want to be working for yourself. 
Unfortunately, I am not quite there yet.  So I am in dire need of some income for now. 
Back to the grind!