Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#6-June Has Challenged We With 30 Days

Yesterday was a prep day. I tried so hard to get something done, and then I got called into work.
So alas-I am a day behind.
Hope y'all understand!
So----back story.. this frame was a garage sale find awhile ago and I had put a botanical print in it.
You see-In my bedroom, I have a wall that is covered in botanical prints.
Some of the ancient frames they were in had broken, and some of them were just flat out ugly, so I am aiming to change it to be more.......retro?
This is my first step in converting it.
I removed the print, and put in an old game board, and I stained the frame, and used a matte that was in another frame.

I also made an amazing dinner, that Alabama was drooling over the entire time.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

#5-June Has Challenged Me With 30 Days

Today I woke up in fear that my apartment was flooding.
Thankfully it wasn't.
The gutter had burst outside of my window about 2 apartments down and was just gushing water into a small puddle, or.....pond.
The rain finally stopped and I had the intention to do a million things.
Instead-I replied to a bunch of emails on Etsy, and played with Alabama for a long time...
Sorry for this shorty post... more tomorrow.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

#4-June Has Challenged We With 30 Days

Today was so strange.
The weather sucked the life out of me.
I sat on the couch-shoving my face with everything in the pantry.
I sat there-looking outside at the rain-and thought of every nasty word I could to describe it.
Needless to say, by this afternoon, I thought I was going to drown.
Finally I got off the couch to take Alabama for a walk. There had been a break in the rain, and for the moment-we were jumping from one sunny spot to another.
Hopscotching through the shadows.
The sun revealed itself and sent a golden light that made all of the trees look like they were on fire.
Was honestly unreal.

Strange how much weather can effect your mood, aint't?

So! Back to my challenge.
I found a very old desk chair 2 years ago, and planned to refurbish it.
I started sanding it when I first got it, and now, I have FINALLY painted it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Three-June Has Challenged We With 30 Days

Today was good.
The last time I went to the Eye Dr. he gave me a new prescription, but I forgot to bring my frames in with me, so today I stopped by the office and dropped them off.
This was a year ago. Yes-an entire year ago.
Productive? Yes.

I also made a crown today. This is an original design, and something I love making.
This is for 4th of July type theme....
What do you think????

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dos-June Has Challenged Me With 30 Days

I bought this ugly green and gold framed mirror MONTHS ago!
I painted it all white with the intention of sanding it to 'antique' it.
Thanks to my short attention span, it's been sitting in the closet for about 100 years.
So-cleaned, and sanded?
You like?

#1-June Has Challenged We With 30 Days

Recently I have noticed that a lot of people on face book have been doing a "30 Day Challenge." Most of these Challenges have been "a song a day for 30 days," or "a photo a day".... you get the point, right?!
So I thought that June would be a perfect month for me to jump on the band-wagon.

Because of school, work, and......... laziness, I have about a million projects that I have started, or have wanted to start that I haven't finished.
The goal is to finish these projects.
AND to start and complete smaller projects.
I hope you guys follow along, and keep me accountable, or if anyone wants to do a project with me-LET ME KNOW!!

So since I started a day late, I decided to do 2 small things... first-simply to 're-vamp' my blog. The photo posted is before, and you can see the after... let me know what you think!