Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The First Ever Terrier Tuesday!

So I am officially making today the very first Terrier Tuesday!
I realized how much I love showing photos of Alabama, and wanted to create an excuse for myself, and for you to show off your dogs!
So post a photo, or a story.
Anyone can use Terrier Tuesday to show off any kind of dog!
So make sure to grab my button, and show off your puppy pride!
Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your Terrier Tuesday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A day for us.

This past weekend Ryan and I had a day just for us. 
We went down to the Marina early in the morning and went for a long walk... 
It was amazing, and invigorating, and just.... good. 
We just walked, and talked, and laughed.
Ryan has the eye of a scout, and can spot a foot print or something out of place from a mile away, and he found this really cool old glass bottle, after looking the company up online, I realized it was from the 40's! 
We also collected what seemed to be mountains of sea glass... eventually, I want to replace the gravel in the fish tank with it... 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Unreal Garage sale Finds.

This past weekend I had Saturday off and decided that I would visit a few garage sales looking for some goodies for my etsy, and low and behold I found some amazing things.

I found a few things for myself, including 4 old blue Mason jars, for only 1 buck a piece!
After making some conversation with the home-owners, the little old lady came over to me holding a huge jar and said 'This might interest you, its shark vertebrae.' 
I couldn't resist. 
So I bought a Gallon jar full of the stuff.
She had painted some of them black and red to make jewelry, but they were so amazing just natural that I was determined to get them back to it... I separated the natural ones from the painted ones, and began some cleanup! 
Rinsed the natural ones with hot water, and vinegar to kill the smell. 
And then drenched the painted ones in some diluted bleach. 

I repeated it three times... 
And finally they are back to their natural color. 

Anyway.. I added some to one of the blue mason jars. 
Gorgeous... right??