Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Days 10, 11, and 12

I am going to do a rapid fire round of photos and stuuuuffffff.....

Day #10-Made another crown for my etsy...
I really want to put these little guys in a crafts fair some where... but I need to find one!! Help!

Day #11-Swap Meet Sunday!! Nuff' said.

Day #12-
I found this super old lock a long time ago, its my favorite color, and so unique!
I'm sort of obsessed. I just took an IKEA frame, and made it into a shadow box, added some canvas, and VOILA! I still need to add a backing to this so I can hang it, but I guess that'll happen one of theses days!

Day #9

Day #9-Patio Time.
As some of you know-I loooove being in the garden.
Every summer I take a lot of time, and pride in planting flowers, and sewing seeds, there's something about putting in tiny seed into the ground, watering it, and watching this little tiny green leaf pop through the soil.
So I didn't think it was right to fit my patio garden with a broken old IKEA shelf that looked as if a bird could snap it in two. So I took the shelf down, drilled some holes, strung some string, and hung them up! I had to incorporate the old soda pop crate I had.
Hope you like!

Wanna Play Catch?

I figured my next few posts would just let me just catch you all up on the rest of my challenges that I have finished thus far.
And then the real fun will start and I will posting new projects that I am working on!!
You ready??
Here we go!!!

Day #7... A long time ago I took a HUGE canvas, painted it, and drew a 'head-board' on it... I really wanted to paint the entire wall behind my bed, but-I live in an apartment, and didn't want to deal with all of that nonsense, so with that being said, I re-vamped the old board... I like that Alabama fits perfectly in the 'dream-cap'
I am also in the process of making small 8x10 paintings of a variation of this.. will post photos when I complete them. :)

Day #8-
Simply put. I bejeweled some old plugs. These suckers are so heavy and I hate wearing them, but I figured if I made them a little bit fancy, I wouldn't dislike them so much. Sometimes I feel left out that I can't wear regular earrings, and with this, I can

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where have I gone?

Hey!! Okay guys, I need to apologize for being absent for such a long time!
Although it is no longer June... I have continued to challenged myself to complete more projects but unfortunately, most of the things I have left are multiple day projects, nothing I could complete in one day... but I am still working on them though!!

I have also been pretty occupied in photographing all of my work to create my portfolio, I have someone who is interested in helping me with some art stuff, and so I have been really busy trying to get my portfolio finished and ready to view...

Between that, and work, I have been a little preoccupied, but I am getting back on track...
I will put up a really image heavy post by the end of the week with all of my shenanigans that I have been up too.

Until then... Please enjoy this photo... her birthday was on the 30th!
Happy Birthday Little Dog!!!