Monday, December 31, 2012

Wait, 2012 is over?!

I cannot believe this year is over!!  
But to be totally honest, I am happy to see it go, and very excited for this brand new year to start! 
I have high hopes for 2013, and am going to make this one count! 
One for the record books! 
I'm going to make this one memorable!
My resolution is to make this year full! 
I want to be able to say, "Oh, remember in 2013,-----" or, 
"Yeah! I did----- in 2013!!" 

You know??

Anyway! I hope nothing but the best for you, and yours in 2013!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet Crochet Diy

Easy pretty crochet DIY tutorial!
I found some pretty vintage crochet table runners at an estate sale this past weekend and I have been cutting and putting them everywhere! I thought this looked so pretty! Hope you like it!

1. lay out your fabric
2. cut outer frilly rim off
3. carefully trim all excess
4. take all remaining threads, and clean up all edges

found this amazing leather work bag at the same estate sale!

Along with the wall hanging piece, I also made these really sweet little ornaments! Check 'em out! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Southern Coastal California.

I am on a 10 day adventure, and this was the first part of it.
I just spent a few days in Orange County, and I have to admit, it is probably one of my favorite places in the world. Even though I have some amazing memories from living there, it's just plain gorgeous. Especially this time of year. 

Plus-it was my sisters 30th :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A day in the Bay

I know at the beginning of the month I vowed I would write a post everyday, and I am fully aware that I am now behind by 3 days... but this has been a crazy weekend and I am just now uploading my photos and sort of breathing again!
My sister and I spent a ton of time together, and it meant the world to me to be with my best friend all weekend.  We went into the city and spent time walking around, shopping, eating, going to farmers markets, and on Sunday, she ran a half-marathon.  Isn't that amazing?! She is my hero.  I am so lucky to have her in my life!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I took Alabama on a walk this morning and saw so many acorn 'caps' that I thought I would just snatch them up as many as I could and make something.  This was a really easy thing to do and I love the way it came out. All I did was paint the inside of the caps gold, throw them in a bowl, and light some candles! The more I look at it and see all of the gold, it looks like a camp fire! It is so cool!!  While I was collecting the acorns I pulled some branches down as well.  I stripped all of the leaves off of them, and put them in water.  I love the way this looks.  Fall is such an incredible season.  The way the leaves drop, the way the air changes, the way colors just come to life.  I love every second of it.  The sun is still warm one day, and it rains the next.  It always keeps me on my toes.  You know the feeling?
I have put an unnecessary amount of photos in this post, but I hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A little Decorating!

I was reading some of my favorite blogs earlier today and was particularly inspired by this amazing lady in southern California who has the most amazing decorations.
So I decided to decorate a little bit today.
Literally-a little bit.
I have a total of 3 Halloween decorations and I pulled them out today! They are really quickly and weird, but   I think they are unique and perfect for my little place. How are you decorating for the up-coming spooky holiday? I have seen some homes around here that fantastic!! One day I will one a big house and I will go CRAZY with decorating for all holidays.
Today we had our first rain, and the second I saw that first drop hit the ground, I went around and lit all of the candles and opened my windows to let in all of that yummy rainy air.  I keep thinking about ideas for another tutorial to do, so be waiting, it will come very soon.
I hope you were able to enjoy the odd weather today, and put out some festive decorations.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 7, Walk it out.

Today I took Alabama on a walk to a trail near by. It was one of those 'get-my-head-clear-before-I-lose-it' sort of walks. It was so refreshing to be outside with chilly cold breeze, and warm cozy sun beating down on me.  I have had so much on my mind lately, with finding a new job and just stress about life, I have been on overdrive emotionally for the past few weeks(let's be realistic-it's been months) and today I took a step towards relaxing a little bit. Spending moments on a hillside with nothing around besides tall grass, low clouds, little critters was some of the most peaceful I have had in a long time. Do you ever feel like you are just a version of yourself? That you aren't living to your potential? I had some thoughts today that that's where I am.  That it's time for me to turn over a new leaf and start living a more ampt up life that pushes me towards living the best version of me.  Firstly, I am going to starting spending more time on the sides of hills and mountains with plenty of time spreading my winds, growing, and pushing. 


Such a fun day at the Oktoberfest! I love small town events!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 5

Today I celebrated fall in a completely different way.
My uncle and I brought out the ladders, cleaned out the buckets, and went olive picking! 
He is super knowledgeable about everything green and teaches me something new about gardening every time I see him. I am a lucky lady. 
My back is sore, and my fingers are tired, but we now have about 12 gallons of olives. 
We picked the trees throughout the neighborhood dry! 
I love fall in California.

First step:Soak the olives in water, and cover with a towel.


Foodie Friday, Wookies!

For food Friday, I made Wookies(woopie-pies+cookies)! We wanted to make pumpkin cookies in order to celebrate the arrival of fall here in California.  A few days ago it was 100+ degrees here, and now it's finally nice enough to wear a scarf and long sleeves, and just cool off a little bit.  I don't do well in the heat, always feeling like I am melting. It's gross.
Anyway! I am not really a baker, and never claim to be any good at it, so usually I try to latch on to someone who is good at it in order to make a successful treat! (sorry for the long winded sentence!) So I measured out some of the ingredients, and tried every batter and icing along the way.
It was a successful baking day in my book.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 3, Freaked Out.

Over the past few days my mom has been saying for me to push myself-step out of my comfort zone. Reminding me that growth doesn't happen by standing in the same spot.
So I did something a little freaky today. I took a huge step.
I quit my job.
Well I put in my two weeks notice.
I am so excited and I feel like 928 pounds have been lifted from my back.
I have no idea what is next for me, but I know it will be better than what I have been enduring.
My boss was ungracious about my notice and it validated that this was the right move for me.
Anyway, this is a brand new chapter and I am looking forward. I feel so at peace about it, a little stressed about finding a new job, but I am so hopeful and am realizing how much my abilities are worth.
I was opening my mail shortly after I got home and saw this perfect little note that just summed it all up.
Sometimes Mom just know exactly what I need.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1.

So! I have noticed that a lot of people are doing a photo a day project for the month of October, so I thought I would do something similar with a blog a day for the month.  I think there is going to be a lot of change, and events this month, and thought it would be fitting that I document it every day.
Anyway, On Sunday, Ryan and I went to a wedding, it was so fun! It was for one of his cousins, and it was really cool for me to meet all of his family and friends who I have only heard stories of.
There was cowboys, gymnasts, hippies, and every sort of person in between there and I heard so many stories about everything.
how amazing is his shirt???

Friday, August 31, 2012

Foodie Friday.

I just got home from work and wanted to make a delicious breakfast for myself because its finally Friday and it's been really long week, and I wanted to celebrate!  I recently got a new camera and have been going nuts over it and taking photos of EVERYTHING... including food.

Last week for my birthday, the bear gave me a BBQ(we named it the 'beeb') and I have been grilling anything I can get my hands on. Today I made a grilled onion-cheese-egg sandwich. 
Simply grill the onions, and the bread, layer them up and close the lid. 
While that is melting and melding together, scramble a couple of eggs, and throw them on top along with a fresh tomato(totally optional).