Tuesday, December 21, 2010

settle, little one.

You ever realize the things that you are living with things are broken?
For instance, for the past three years, I have had little to no light in my kitchen, the fixture has been broken and has worked a little bit here and there.
Yes-I have been cooking in the dark.
The passenger side mirror in my car FELL off in 2005, and I have never replaced it.
My windshield wipers scrape my window at each pass, and the timer doesn't work, if i turn them on, they go nuts. Or I have to turn them on and off, on and off, on and off.
My shoes don't fit, I have also had a broken toe since 2005, it is still black and blue.
I have no couch.

Last week, I had my kitchen light replaced. It was like my whole life had changed. How had I been living with out it?
I finally was given a couch. A place to sit? wow. What a concept.
Today someone pointed out that I have no mirror and I realized how accustomed I had come to living with certain things completely messed up.

How I had learned to settle with less than okay things. Making my dinner in the dark, or sitting on a cold wooden chair while watching a movie... I am worth so much more than this.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Today I wrapped gifts, and watched Home Alone and lit all the candles in my apartment.
It was such a sweet environment, and the air seemed to linger and float.
It was so peaceful, like time stood still all day.
Made my mind wander and find an easy resting place for a few hours.
Before my peaceful time at home, I made a run to the post office.
Bad idea.
It is the 20th of December, so everyone was running around trying to mail off some last minute gifts.
I am a visual person and I kept picturing scenes from the Grinch, and a Christmas story in my head. Like people bustling about carrying 20 billion bags of gifts.
It seems like everyone walks around with their heads in the clouds.
I sort of love it though.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Chapter.

Beware: being dramatic follows.

So basically, I just finished my BA.
Although this should be a huge deal, and I should be celebrating, I feel pretty numb to it.
I haven't felt excited at all.
It's really strange. I feel more overwhelmed now, than I ever have and I feel just.... bleh.
Maybe its the weather?
Maybe its all the circumstances that I am dealing with?
Maybe its just... me?
Don't know what it is...

I have also been feeling just... off.
I don't like it.
I feel like I am stuck in quick sand, but while I am dangling in the drying cement, I'm not struggling to get out.

Tomorrow is a new day, and tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.
I am not going to let this lull carry on.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yummy Holiday Iced Coffee

So as some of you know, I love iced coffee.
I started making this every once in awhile about a month ago because I wanted a spicy holiday treat.
Feel free to alter the size of the recipe, but no matter how big or small you make it, just make sure you try it
-Make about 4 cups of coffee(since this will be iced coffee, add an extra scoop of grounds when making it)
-While the coffee is still hot, add a huge spoon of sugar, and half that of brown sugar, add more or less depending on how sweet you like it, stir to make sure it doesn't just sit on the bottom
-Add a small, or thin cinnamon stick
-Let it sit until it cools, the longer it sits, the stronger and spicier the cinnamon stick will be
-Once you are ready to serve, pour over ice and add milk, creamer, or what I use, soy creamer.
-Lastly, turn on some twinkle lights, some good music and enjoy

D.I.Y. #1 Home-made Holiday Wreath.

So this is my first DIY blog, but I thought it was simple and practically free, and perfect for the holiday season.
You will need:
wire(weight doesn't matter)
needle nose pliers
ribbon, or string(and paint-if you want a certain color)
lastly- branches, or twigs
I like to get all of my tools and supplies on the table, and lay everything on some scrap paper(a trader joe's bag is great). Since I didn't have ribbon, and I wanted to make a free DIY project, I choose to dye my string. I was going for a gold color, I mixed the color, added a little water and drenched the string in the paint. Once its been saturated, pull it out and hang it up to dry.

Lay out the wire in the general shape and size of your wreath. The wire is flexible so once you attach everything you can easily reshape it to the exact shape you like. Cut small pieces of the wire and wrap around the main wire. These are so once you get the branches in place, the little place keepers are already there, ready to hold everything in place!
Once you have picked out all of branches you want to use, set them all facing up. The branches I have used have an obvious upper, and under side to the leaf. Knowing this, place all of your branches facing upwards, so the shiney part of the leaf is on the top. The branch will have a natural curve separate the branches into sections, one section is for the branches that curve to the left, the other is for the ones that curve to the right.

Find the longer branches and place them towards the top of the wire, this will be the top of your wreath. The ones with less leaves are nice to use for this top section. Then find the medium branches and layer them on top of the longest ones. With the wire place holders you have already wrapped around the wire, twist these around the branches, if you have a heavier wire like I do, the needle nose pliers will help you twist and secure the stints around the branches. Continue finding and placing the appropriate branches until they meet in the middle.
Finally pull all of the branches together at the top and wrapped the ends with string, but try it with a bow :)
Enjoy!! And please post any photos of ones you make

Thursday, November 25, 2010


This past week was Thanksgiving, and it had its ups and downs. I worked so much, and it was brutal, it's incredible how frantic people get over clothes. Black Friday, you are one ugly day.
Thanksgiving was amazing. I was able to be with my family and that was such a blessing!
I am thankful for being able to get an education in something I love. I am thankful for people that I can count on, and I am thankful for life, and so much more!
I am also thankful for fall, and the little gifts that fall leaves for us.
Vibrant leaves.
Crispy walks.
Droppings from the trees.
Clear skies, and Christmas lights.
Life is beautiful, and fall is full of surprises.
Everyday more leaves cover the ground, and more people are finding gifts for people they love for the holidays.
Be thankful people.
It pays off.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yes. The rumors are true.

I eat my (cheese-less veggie) pizza with a fork and knife.


night stress.

Today I went to Ikea.
My dream, Ikea. I dont know how, but I cant seem to leave that place with out spending at least 65 dollars are stuff I really dont need.
A frame, blanket, throw-pillow case, 4 candles... seems like I would have come home with more for 65 dollars, but I cannot seem to remember what other useless things I purchased.
Oh! I also came home with wrapping paper and chalk! (how could I forget?!)
I have a theory that I cant leave CVS with at least $20 of pointless junk, Target is usually at least $50 of some t shirts and weird foods. and Ikea, my minimum balance must be around $65.
Wish I had better self control!!! AHHHH!!!

So I came home and after laying on, and under my new blanket, I decided my room was boring.
I frantically began painting a bookshelf, and created some new wall 'pieces' for my bedroom.
I framed an old poster that Ive been wanting to hang forever and ate sour-dough-toast
(my favorite food of all time) that was baked and covered in marinara sauce.
These are my favorite sort of nights.
I will post photos of my 'new' bedroom soon.

so about this night stress problem.

after my craziness around my place, I got in bed and almost instantly, my hands start to shake, and my heart starts to thump.
it seems the second I hop in bed, every stress comes to me.
Some people get night sweats, I get night stress.
Instead of being woken up from being covered in sweat, I am woken up from my skin being drenched in heavy emotions.
Pretty odd. Right?
Oh well, going to sleep now, and I'm praying for dreams that include a limitless Ikea credit card that gets magically paid off!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, now Introducing Alabama.

being productive is being good. for me.

Last night I had an amazing friend over, and we had some fancy fruity drink, we made pizza, and some vegan brownies,because of my lack of attention, I bruned the pizza, but the crunchy-ness just added to its tastyness. She is a new friend, but has quickly become one of my most dear friends who knows way to much about me, and gets me all too well.
we laughed about everything and i loved every second about it.
So today I woke up and took Alabama for a long walk. I didn't bring my camera, and it was one of those days when you walk around and everything is perfectly composed and totally ready for photos. The lighting was beautiful. It was like the clouds and the sun created a golden filter on everything around me. I felt like I was living this video... but the lights were dancing leafs.
I felt like the sun was trying to find me. It was amazing.
today was also odd because I just felt huge.
You ever had one of those days where you just feel like if you were to sit on a seat, it would snap from under your massiveness? yup, today was one of those days.
Tomorrow will start with a really long walk and less massiveness.

Hello New World!

So I decided to create a new blog :)
I have another blog that I usually just keep my poetry and other written things I like in. Check it.
This blog will be with my daily adventures, and reflections of thoughts I have.

I hope you all like it.